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Not your ordinary sunscreen.

Safe Sea offers double protection against the sun and jellyfish.
Safe for corals, safe for your skin.

  • Very Water


  • Jellyfish

    Sting Protection

  • Plankton


  • High UV


Singapore's Sun can be pretty strong!

Customers Reviews

Sunscreen Sun
Jellyfish Protection

More than just Sunscreen.

I use sunscreen to prevent getting burnt when I’m out diving at sea. I’m glad I found Safe Sea because it gives me more than just protection against UV rays. I haven’t had trouble with jellyfish and sea lice since!

Monica Choo, PADI Course Director
Jellyfish Protection

Protection for my Family.

I use Safe Sea whenever I bring my boys to the beach. I think they need more than just protection against the sun. I feel assured that they will have a safe day out in the sea!

Ricky Koh, Father of two

How Does Safe Sea Works?

Safe Sea and the jellyfish

Understanding how Safe Sea offers protection against jellyfish. Powerful toxins are carried in a folded needle, contained in the cell’s capsule. A few hundred thousand of these stinging cells are contained in a single tentacle.