Ideas to Renovate your Home

In this quarantine season due to the coronavirus, we must spend a lot of time at home. It is for this reason that we must find different activities to do in our homes. For example, you can renovate the spaces in your home.

Thus, you will see your home different with just a few small changes of organization or details that will give a new touch to those spaces. Do not forget that many decoration stores have online sales service available and can bring to your home the accessories or elements that you need for that change. Remember to take all the appropriate hygienic measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

Now we will give you some ideas to give that new air to your home, take note and put them into practice.

Do a deep cleaning

Believe it or not, deep cleaning is the beginning of renovating your home and giving a new air to all the spaces in your house. You don’t have to do it all on the same day, otherwise you will end up exhausted and hating this idea.

You can divide your house or apartment in sections and select the products you are going to use in each space to start the deep cleaning operation. This time at home is perfect for you to do it more often so you can keep everything in order. Finally, it is the right time to identify the things you no longer use or don’t need. Let’s get to work!

It’s time to paint!

If you are tired of seeing the walls of your house the same color and if you have always wanted to change it, select a space and define what color you want to paint it to renovate your home.

Keep in mind that before you start painting your walls, you should protect your furniture with plastic or newspaper to avoid splashing them. If you can move them or put them in another room, it would be perfect to take advantage of all the space and paint without worries.

New bedroom in 3, 2, 1…

If you want to give a different air to the decoration of your rooms you can place a wallpaper or adhesive vinyl in the headboard area or also, you can paint a different color that wall, following the recommendations that we already gave you.

And to make everything look different, change your bedding or curtains more often, so you can play and combine different shades that will make that space look totally renewed.

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Moving your furniture is like renovating your home.

We can completely change our home and gain space simply by choosing to change the distribution of furniture. Look for new ways to place them and renew your home. For example, if space allows you can put the dining room in the living room and the living room where the dining room is.

You can do this when you finish painting or putting up the wallpaper you have chosen. Here is the account of Kate Watson-Smyth, interior journalist and influencer, who has written for several magazines and published several books to help you and show you how you can turn your home into a magazine cover.

Change your paintings

If you have a lot of pictures or just a few but in different places, you can think about putting them all on the same wall. If you have an old painting, a pencil drawing and many paintings of different colors and shapes, you can put them together and they will be perfect to renovate your home. Just follow some of these recommendations to organize them:

  • The smaller they are, the less distance you should leave between them.
  • The bigger they are, the greater the distance should be. It is recommended that the minimum distance is 5 centimeters.
  • If the wall is small, don’t put only small pictures, combine them with medium-sized ones. Choose them in proportion to the size of the wall!
  • Vertical compositions give the impression of a higher ceiling.
  • Horizontal compositions are suitable for hallways or over sofas.
  • If you decide for frames with different designs or colors, such as white, black and wood, you will get a much more dynamic composition with a vintage touch.
  • If you like order and want even the pictures to look organized, then opt for a set of 9 pictures, with one in the center and the others around it.

Organizing your library is also about renovating your home.

Technology is the protagonist in our homes and jobs, but there are those who still enjoy books and like to have them at home. Therefore, we recommend that if you have a library, organize it alphabetically or by color.

Select and separate all your books by color, either by color blocks or you can make a gradient simulating a rainbow. Try to do this by categories so you can easily find the books and create a colorful touch to your library decor!

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