Jellyfish Protection

Kota Kinabalu Raises All Out Awareness on Jellyfish Sting

You probably heard the news that the popular Tanjung Aru beach in Kota Kinabalu has been invaded with various jellyfish attacks earlier this year, and we believe this is the worst beach experience you can have if you don’t use sunscreen. It has been reported that there are about 25 cases for January, reported and unreported cases alike.

And now, a red flag was raised at Tanjung Aru beach to warn the beach goers of the danger of jellyfish stings. This incident made the authorities raise all out awareness on these marine stingers.

State Senior Deputy Director of the Department of Fisheries, Dr. Ahemad Sade, stated that the jellyfish season is expected to continue throughout March til summer this year. During this period, his department and the Civil Defense Department are working together to raise public awareness especially to beach goers. They will be carrying this out until this jellyfish season is over.


But who exactly knows when to avoid the jellyfish attacks?


Throughout the season, pamphlets have been distributed which contains information  about the species of venomous jellyfish, how to avoid getting stung, and what to do if stung; and, campaigns were carried out statewide especially the public beaches to caution the beach goers of the awareness and risk on jellyfish stings.

The department also informed the tourists who were not aware of the local marine conditions of the jellyfish sting situation.

The expected jellyfish season may about to end, but people are still cautious about it, forgetting about what they really came for –is to enjoy.

No worries! You could still enjoy your great weekend escapade at the beach.

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