Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016

Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016 (2)


Who says Safe Sea is for diving or snorkeling only? Triathloners need it too!

Safe Sea joins the race with the Penang International Triathlon & Duathlon (PgiTD) which recently concluded annual event on April 17, 2016 - boasting its success with a total of almost 1000 participants drawn, local and international participants alike.

The event was even a greater success because the participants, especially the triathloners, were protected with the Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen.


The 1998 Massive JellyFish Attack

The history of triathlon in Malaysia started in Penang but was ceased when it was disrupted by a massive jellyfish attack on swimmers in 1998. Numerous attempts to revive the event were made but failed for the same jellyfish caution, not until in 2013 wherein extensive preventive jellyfish measures were deployed.


Safe Sea and the 2016 Race

Despite the various preventive measures being observed at the venue, the organization thought the it would be best if the athletes are even more protected to avoid any case of jellyfish stings.

And as always, Safe Sea comes to rescue!

Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016 - 5 Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016 - 4

Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Organic 95 SPF Sunscreen



Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen an organic sunscreen offering double protection from the sun and jellyfish stings. It is a very water resistant sunblock, with higher UV protection, which can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. This sunscreen is a research-proven product to prevent jellyfish stings by deactivating the stinging mechanism of various marine stingers.

Safe Sea has a waterproof, slippery texture that makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to attach to the skin.  absorbs secretions from the skin that would otherwise tell the jellyfish that its in contact with prey or predator. Chemical stoppers in Safe Sea block the chemical pathways where the stinging process is activated. 

Read more about Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen SPF 95


Before the athletes go for the battle, they armed themselves with an enough Safe Sea sunscreen and amidst the frequency of jellyfish and other possible stingers in the swimming venue, no jellyfish sting case is reported.


Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016 - 1 Safe Sea at Penang International Triathlon Duathlon 2016 - 7


Undeniably, Safe Sea is not only for those diving or snorkeling, but it is a must for triathloners too!


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