Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen

Safe Sea: Frequently Asked Questions

We know there are many of you who heard about this miracle product Safe Sea but still curious how it does the magic.

We heard about your curiosity too! And to wrap it all up, here are the most frequently asked ones (and our answers, of course!).


1. Is Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen biodegradable and it is harmful to fish or reef?

While the bottle is made of plastic and not biodegradable, Safe Sea lotion is biodegradable and non-toxic for the marine environment (both fish and coral).

Safe Sea does not actually harm the jellyfish you may encounter, it merely keeps them from stinging you.



2. How does Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen stop the sting?

Safe Sea has a waterproof, slippery texture that makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to attach to the skin.

Safe Sea absorbs secretions from the skin that would otherwise tell the jellyfish that its in contact with prey or predator.

Chemical stoppers in Safe Sea block the chemical pathways where the stinging process is activated.



3. Is Safe Sea lotion waterproof? How often should I reapply it?

Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen provides durable waterproof sting and sun protection. For normal activity, re-apply every 80 minutes or after prolonged swimming, towel-drying, or excessive sweating.

Remember, the harder you play, the more frequently you need to stop and re-apply.


Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen