Jellyfish Protection

Safe Sea protects swimmers at the Open Swim Stars Sunset Race 2016

May 2016 – More than 250 participants join the first Open Swim Stars Sunset Race, Saturday, May 14. This event is the third open water swim organized by the Sports Swim Organization.

The organization already conducted two open water swims previously, but this race is a different one as it is fulfilled in the late afternoon, thus the name Sunset Race.

To keep the swimmers guarded, Safe Sea graced the event and protected the participants right before the battle. The swimmers got to try the Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen with SPF 95 – claiming double protection from sun and jellyfish stings.


Jellyfish Protection Jellyfish Protection
Jellyfish Protection Jellyfish Protection Jellyfish Protection

Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Organic 95 SPF Sunscreen

Safe Sea Jellyfish Protection Sunscreen an organic sunscreen offering double protection from the sun and jellyfish stings. It is a very water resistant sunblock, with higher UV protection, which can last up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. This sunscreen is a research-proven product to
prevent jellyfish stings by deactivating the stinging mechanism of various marine stingers.

Safe Sea has a waterproof, slippery texture that makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to attach to the skin.  absorbs secretions from the skin that would otherwise tell the jellyfish that its in contact with prey or predator. Chemical stoppers in Safe Sea block the chemical pathways where the stinging process is activated. 

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The swimmers started at 5pm on Saturday evening, taking part of either 800 or 1.5 km categories, swimming in the waters off the coast of the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC).

The race is concluded at 7pm, and the time is just right for them to relax from a surely exhausting yet fulfilling race and to sit back and enjoy the sunset at the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre.

It was indeed an exciting new event, especially that the open water swim is done at that particular time of the day.

The Sports Swim Organization said it is their aim “to bring fresh and new ideas to swimmers.”

And Safe Sea has done a good part of it!

Here are the photos from this exciting event:

Jellyfish Protection  Jellyfish Protection
Jellyfish Protection  Jellyfish Protection

*Photo credits to the Sports Swim Organization or to due owners